Providing Social-Emotional Supports in a Virtual Setting (3 SREB Virtual Sessions – $250)


10/23/2020 - 11/06/2020    
9:00 am - 12:00 pm

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Providing Social-Emotional Supports in a Virtual Setting

Build positive relationships with students and deliver advisory sessions and activities that support students’ well-being —  online or off. Explore resources that help students identify their interests, set goals and use tools to accelerate their learning.

  • Session 1 (October 23): Building Sense of Self and Healthy Relationships. Explore relationship-building activities you can use in the classroom or in advisory settings to cultivate healthy relationships with students and families — online or off. Review and brainstorm activities and learning inventories that encourage students to build their sense of self.
  • Session 2 (October 30): Supporting Students and Parents to Set Goals. Get hands on with tools and resources that foster goal-setting conversations with students and parents. Try out activities and procedures that connect students’ goals to assessment results, grades and attendance. Explore how to use virtual portfolios to engage students and families in progress-monitoring.
  • Session 3 November 6): Exploring Careers Using Virtual Tools. Review career exploration activities and related tools you can use to expose students and parents to high-wage careers. Explore virtual tools for engaging business and industry partners.

Cost: $250

Dates and Times: Each workshop meets three times – see the table above. Each workshop session is 2.5 hours plus an additional 30 minutes for peer collaboration or one-on-one support from SREB staff.

Location: All sessions meet on a secure Zoom platform. Participants will receive a login and password prior to the event from workshop organizers.

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