ICU-Brick House Culture


8:30 am - 2:15 pm


Wellston Middle School
227 Golden Rocket Drive, Wellston, Ohio, 45692, CSE

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This training on the “Brick House Culture” stimulates discusssion on how to capitalize on the use of the ICU program for student success while challenging staff to explore their current belief system.  This is a beginning step for leading to systemic  change related to grading practices.

Speaker:  Danny Hill, Power of ICU

Danny Hill

Danny Hill is a nationally respected authority on student apathy and school culture. He has taught science, economics, history and health. He served four years as a high school assistant principal in charge of student management and curriculum and served as a K-8 principal for twenty years.

As a motivational speaker, teacher, author, and educational consultant, Danny has presented to over a million educators across the United States. He co-founded and is chief manager of Power of ICU.

Who Should Attend:
This on-site professional development is tailored to the needs of the hosting school. Participation from other schools is by invitation only. For more information contact the Wellston Middle School principal.

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