HSTW/MMGW School Improvement Summit “Leading K-12 Career Technical Education” – Virtual Meeting


8:00 am - 11:00 am

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HSTW/MMGW School Improvement Summit “Leading K-12 Career Technical Education” is designed for superintendents, district/building leaders, and HSTW/MMGW Site  Coordinator to learn and share best practices in creating K-12 career technical education cultures for all students. Partnership effort with the network and region.

As a result of the HSTW/MMGW School Improvement Summit, district and building leaders, and HSTW/MMGW site coordinators will be able to:

●       Learn new strategies for creating K-12 CTE cultures and evidence-based practices
●       Improve 6-12 CTE instruction through the Making Schools Work Powerful CTE Practices
●       Network and share HSTW/MMGW best practices in CTE


Ohio Department of Education Career Technical Education for K-12
Presenter: Brenna Bartlett, Assistant Director of Career Technical Education

SREB Powerful CTE Instructional Practices for 6-12|
Presenters: Scott Warren, Director, Making Schools Work
Ivy Alford, Director, State and District Partnerships
Leadership Roundtables: Sharing Promising Best Practices in CTE K-12
Facilitator: Amanda Kortright, HSTW Regional Lead Coach

Who Should Attend:  All state-funded sites are  requested to register a district/building leaders and their HSTW/MMGW site coordinator

Registration Deadline:  October 14, 2021

Registration:  https://hstwohionortheastregionoh.sites.thrillshare.com/page/professional-development




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