Grading Practices Focus Group Meeting


9:30 am - 10:15 am

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Join us for the fourth grading practices focus group meeting to continue discussion on grading practices and the related strategies that support standards-based grading. Some of the related topics include: teacher buy-in, tracking incomplete work, layers of support to ensure assignment completion, creating quality assignments and the impact on school culture.  The focus of the May meeting will be on shifting mindsets to a focus on learning.  Guiding questions will include:

1- What is the conversation that  should occur in order to begin the transition to standards-based grading and learning?
2- What happens when kids fail?
3- How do related strategies such as ICU increase student accountability and shift the focus to learning?

This meeting is a 45-minute virtual event offered through Zoom to any interested school administrator and/or teacher leader in Ohio.

To join us: Zoom link

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