Why Participate in Making Schools Work?

Empower your teachers, challenge your students, and improve your school culture!

Ohio is recognized by SREB as a leader in implementing HSTW/MMGW (now Making Schools Work)

  • 55 Pacesetter Awards
  • 30 Gold Improvement Awards
  • 20 Gold Achievement Awards
  • 12 Platinum Achievement Awards
  • 2019 State Leadership Award
  • 2016 Outstanding State Participation in Advance Careers

What our participants say: 
“This structure challenges us to shift our school culture to one of high expectations for both students and staff.”

“We knew we had to change, and these models allow us to be active participants.”
“We gained valuable insight from other schools.”

Over 270 sites – 4 Regional offices providing support services and resources.

Benefits of Participating

  • Fostered teamwork and collaboration
  • Access to a variety of professional development opportunities
  • Networking with other schools
  • On-site coaching
  • Numerous resources

The Cost for Participating

Ohio Making Schools Work provides many services and resources with no or minimal cost. Schools are asked to commit the time and effort to bring about the necessary changes to be successful. This often involves changing the way schools “do business” rather than adding more work. As a support organization, Ohio Making Schools Work functions as a partner in advancing school success, not as an evaluator.
Contact your school region to join or find out more:

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Ohio Department of Education

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