Starting in the 2021-22 school year, all active Ohio HSTW and MMGW schools are required to participate in the SREB on-line biennial student and teacher surveys.

About the Surveys & Participation: HSTW and MMGW are data-driven, research-based school improvement initiatives. Student and teacher surveys gather perceptions of school and classroom experiences that are focused on the key practice indices proven to be predictors of student performance.  The FY22 surveys will include questions related to the impact of COVID-19 and virtual/hybrid instruction on students and teachers.

  • The HSTW Student Survey is administered to all seniors or a random sample of at least 60 seniors at HSTW sites during their final semester of high school so that their entire high school career can be considered.
  • The MMGW Student Survey is administered to all or a random sample of at least 60 eighth-grade students during the second semester.
  • HSTW and MMGW teachers participate in separate teacher surveys for their respective networ All high school teachers should participate in the HSTW Teacher Survey, and all middle grades teachers should participate in the MMGW Teacher Survey. Surveys provide teachers an opportunity to share their insights on school leadership and their views on high expectations and student achievement.

Administering the Surveys: HSTW and MMGW surveys are administered on-line and can be given any time during the administration window, February 1 – March 11.  However, to ensure that surveys are completed on time by all teachers and by all students or the randomly selected students, the following recommendations should be considered:

  • Designate a week for student survey administration early in the survey window to allow for weather, illness, etc. that may occur.
  • Designate a makeup week to allow for unusual circumstances as mentioned above. Schools have the option to give the survey after their designated weeks as long as it occurs within the survey window.
  • Schools should work with their tech staff to troubleshoot any computer issues.
  • Assign a staff member to oversee the survey preparation and administration.
  • To obtain adequate participation, give the teacher survey during a staff meeting.
  • To promote engagement, explain that the survey is a chance for students to honestly evaluate their school experiences.

Survey Reports: Schools will receive their reports by May 31, 2022

The school will be able to use the report to identify strengths and areas for improvement, compare student and teacher responses to similar topics, and compare their current standings with similar schools and all schools implementing HSTW or MMGW nationwide.


2022 Survey PowerPoint


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