Introduction to Making Schools Work

Ohio MSW/HSTW/MMGW History

  • 1996 Ohio expressed interest in High Schools that Work.
  • 1998 Ohio became the 22nd state to join the HSTW national network.
  • 1999 year-long HSTW academy with 13 sites.
  • 2000 HSTW expanded to four regional centers with 43 sites.
  • 2002 HSTW increased to 85 sites and became a member of MMGW national network.
  • 2003 -2022 HSTW/MMGW increased to over 270 high school, career center, middle grade and intermediate sites.
  • 2023 name changed to Ohio Making Schools Work to align with the national change, indicating the model as a K-12 initiative.

Ohio Regions Goals

  • Build a knowledge base built on action research.
  • Create a network of education and community partnerships across the regions.
  • Raise public awareness and support with local Boards of Education.
  • Develop the habits and skills of data-based decision making.
  • Provide professional development opportunities for teachers, coordinators, and administrators.
  • Provide specialized professional development based on school needs.
  • Provide technical assistance to sites for implementing Making Schools Work activities – developing site action plans, conducting surveys, analyzing data, preparing for the site review process.
  • Provide resources to sites – Ohio and national speakers, exemplary sites, books, newsletters and other print media.


Making Schools Work is all about raising student achievement, with research and data that prove it works! Making Schools Work (MSW) is a framework that provides direction for schools to improve academic and career-technical instruction. Making Middle Grades Work (MMGW) is the middle grades component of the MSW school improvement initiative. In 2019 the Southern Regional Education Board added an elementary component and the name was changed to Making Schools Work to reflect a K-12 school improvement initiative.

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